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35 Yrs Old Gabriel Boric emerges Chile’s Youngest President, Promises to protect Democracy

Gabriel Boric has been elected president of Chile, making him the country’s youngest leader ever.
The 35-year-old former student protest leader defeated his far-right opponent José Antonio Kast by ten points in what was thought to be a close election.
Mr Boric promised supporters that he would protect democracy and put a stop to Chile’s neoliberal free market economy.

He will govern a country that has been shaken by rallies against inequality and corruption in recent years.

With his supporters waving flags and blasting car horns, Mr Boric’s triumph spurred celebrations on the streets of Santiago, Chile’s capital.

Mr Boric said in his speech that he was taking on the role with humility and a “tremendous feeling of duty,” vowing to “vigorously combat the privileges of a few.”


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