As Churches Do Their Seed Sowing And Their Harvest Thanksgiving In Big Cities And Towns With Various Themes, Kindly Remember Your Village As You Contemplate On The Below Thoughts: 

In a typical city Church, almost every weekend there is a wedding.

In a typical village Church, almost every weekend there is a funeral.

In a typical city Church, no one will know you unless you really want to be known. People make donations freely and even anonymously. People pay tithes and make huge offerings or donations.

In a typical village Church, everyone knows everyone including where each lives. Every family makes contributions for whatever project. People don’t pay tithe as such, they pay levies.

In most cases, people remember the city Church when they have something to show. But they remember the village Church when what to show has been exhausted.

A typical example will be funeral.

When the person is alive and bubbling, he gives his whole self to the city Church. When he dies and is lifeless, his whole body is given to the village Church for burial.

I have served in both city and village churches. The challenge in the village church is huge.

For most of the village Churches I have served in, the offerings they make in a year is often less than what some city Churches make in a week.

Most times, the only way they survive is through levies which unfortunately, people don’t usually comply with until serious measures are put. Funeral is one of the measures. Though I may not like it, but you will need to be in their shoes to truly understand.

I think we all have to be a little responsible. Why do we only remember our village Churches when it is time for marriage banns announcement or burial? If you consider your body good enough to be buried in the village, why do you think doing a little contribution to help them take care of the faith of your own village people will be a bad idea especially during their December seed sowing or harvest/bazaar sales?

We pay tithes in big parishes, give huge offerings, donate for bazaars, but we forget the parish where our grandmother in the village is being nourished spiritually. When she is sick, the priest struggles with the road to go give her Communion or anoint her.

During this time of Harvest and seed sowing, send something to your home parish. Don’t wait until you are dead and they begin to remind your dead body how irresponsible you have been to them.

While you give to the Churches in the city, put something aside also for your home parish in the village and fully support their harvest activities and other projects. Someday your friends, partners, colleagues and associates may have to come there on your behalf. 


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